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Monday, 18 April 2011

Some unpleasant lessons learned!

Since Friday morning I have been using the 7 cloth diapers I have on both the boys. My mom and step dad were visiting, they think I’m crazy (diaper crazy!)…J has known this for a little while now.
So I have done diaper laundry every night so I can use the 7 every day. Did I mention that our rental house has a cheap washing machine that doesn’t have a rinse cycle! So I go down and start the wash, then I go back and stop it, add soap and change to hot water and run a full wash. Once that’s done I go back down and run the end of the wash cycle again. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to guess where to stop and start the machine; I have new respect for a proper machine.
We got through the first two days with no leaks! The next two were not as lucky but that is what I expected of our first few days on cloth. I’m LOVING the inserts (absorbent part) from Go Green, I think I may actually like them better than the BG inserts!
I had a hard time with stains but a longer cold rinse and a hot wash (followed by another rinse), and the diapers were like new! A note for new diaper-ers: flushable liners are recommended for older babies, but I would tell you to use them for exclusively breastfed babies also, it just makes for easier clean up.

Now that our company has left I can spend more time on all the great ideas I have for posts! We’ve had a busy weekend but it was interesting and I made lots of notes of topics I’d like to discuss/share. So I’ll have lots more to come in the following days, please check back!

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