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Friday, 8 April 2011

My diapers are on their way!

With my newborn asleep next to me, (he is supposed to be having tummy time but he falls asleep like that) I am venturing into the world of blogs. Why? Over the past 10 months I have been having the cloth debate in my mind and with my husband, although he really doesn't care as long as it's easy for him and I'm doing all the cleaning. I've finally decided to commit to cloth and I've made my first few purchases! So now I wait...impatiently!
I have already purchased a Bum Genius All In One (Sized diaper S,M,L - liner is attached to inside of the pocket) and a One Size(one size birth to potty training) , but it's hard to be motivated to use just 2 cloth diapers. So now I just received a second BG OS as a gift and I've ordered 2 Apple Cheeks (thank you I also have a G Diaper and two Go Green pocket diapers on their way from the states. I’m so excited to get these diapers and get going on my cloth journey; clearly my new cloth addiction has already started!

My piece of advice to share for now is to make sure you follow washing instructions closely. Detergents are important despite what some discount diaper companies may say, and rinse, rinse, rinse! I am looking forward to line drying my new diapers now that we’re getting into warmer weather. Not only is line drying economical, it will also do wonders for getting out those poo stains (so I’m told).

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  1. Love my Bum Genius OS!!! I line dry in doors through the winter and then here and there just pop them into the dryer for 5 min once dry to soften the fabric on the inside. Good lucknon your cloth journey!