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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Directions For Use

Our diapers are pocket diapers; the microfiber insert is used inside between the outer later and the microfleece. Microfibre should never be used against your baby; it is highly absorbent and can dry out baby’s skin. After laundering, hold the insert at one end and pull it all the way into the pocket. While removing your hand smooth out the insert so it is flat against the outer cover. Ensure the insert is covered by the microfleece, and either fold in half and store for use or put it on your baby.
Your one size diaper comes with three rise settings: small, medium and large. Small is when the bottom three snaps are attached to the top three rise snaps. Medium is when the middle and top snaps are together. Large is when none of the rise snaps are attached.
The three top snaps include two waist and one hip snap (lower snap). When you bring the diaper around baby’s legs let the elastic stretch a little and then attach the hip snap snugly to the lower row of snaps. After attaching both hip snaps, attach waist snaps snugly. If the fabric between the hip snaps is pulling it may be too tight. You should be able to fit 1 or 2 fingers into the waist on the diaper, if you use disposables, the fit at the waist should be similar.
If you find baby has red marks on their legs check around their legs that the diaper is sitting in the creases of their legs. Otherwise the diaper may be too tight in the hips.  If you are experiencing leaks the diaper may be too lose in the hip area or not sitting in the crease of their legs.
Cloth diapers generally need to be changed every 2-3 hours; you can increase absorbency by adding an extra insert inside the pocket for sleeping or long car rides.  
After you remove the diaper from baby, remove the insert, un-snap rise snaps, and store both in a wet/dry bag for laundering.
Liners can be used on top of microfleece to assist in solid waste removal. Unless otherwise directed on liner packaging, unsoiled liners should be thrown into the garbage.

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