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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cloth Diaper Care

We recommend washing your diapers 2-3 times before first use
No matter how beautiful your baby is, some funky things will come out of them. To keep your diapers looking and smelling their best we recommend the following care tactics:
  • ·         Rinse diapers on cold rinse cycle first to avoid setting stains (without detergent)
  • ·         Add detergent (*see below for info on detergent) and run on Hot/Cold or Hot/Warm wash
  • ·         After wash is complete run another cold rinse cycle to ensure all detergent is rinsed out
  • ·         Hang to dry or machine dry on medium heat 
DO NOT use any fabric softener or bleach on your diapers!
A pre-rinse may be required for poopy messes, usually not for babies that are exclusively breast fed. Diaper sprayers can be purchased or you can just use the wash tub. Solids should be flipped or scraped into the toilet prior to storing in a wet/dry bag. DO NOT store your dirty diapers in water, this is dangerous for children, unsanitary and can cause premature wear on your diapers. Do not store soiled diapers in a wet/dry bag for more than 2-3 days.
Separate cover and insert before washing.
For easy stain removal, after laundering, let your covers and inserts sunbathe! The sun is a natural stain remover and sanitizer.
A few helpful hints I’ve learned along the way:
  • ·         Old toothbrushes are great for coaxing the messes out of the leg elastic gatherings!
  • ·         For your final rinse, take out any wet bags or pail liners. They don’t need the extra rinse but they can hold lots of water inside them and away from your diapers!

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